Liberty Scott on Nobel Peace Prize

Liberty Scott summarises things well:

The best sentiments I’ve noticed on this, is that Morgan Tsvangirai, had been mooted for the prize, has been imprisoned, tortured, beaten up repeatedly, lost his wife in an accident, and STILL decided for peace in Zimbabwe, to form a joint government with the murdering gangsters of Zanu-PF.

Apparently that wasn’t good enough. Not good enough for an African man in Africa at the front line of essentially civil war and insurrection, in a truly bankrupt economy, to risk himself so much to bring peace and to Zimbabwe. He may have been able to do much for Zimbabwe with the $1 million prize.

But instead it went to Obama for some nice speeches.

don’t think you can criticise Obama for this. From all accounts he is as mortified as everyone else, and actually makes his job much harder.

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