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OK, so I got an e-mail today telling me all about a new political simulation game that’s getting launched tomorrow. It’s called, and at, politicsnz.com.

Basically, the game starts just after the 1996 General Election. NZ First is playing king-maker. What you do is this: you create a character who becomes an MP. You even get to write your character’s biography, which should be fun. You choose one of the five big parties to join—National, Labour, NZ First, Alliance, ACT—, and after that, it’s a pretty full-on simulation of New Zealand politics.

The economy, budgets, elections, media intervies, question time, bills, coups d’état, press releases: all that and more will apparantly find its way into the simulation.

It looks like it’s going to be wicked fun. It’ll definitely be replacing MonopolyCityStreets in my book (I got discouraged when once I became reasonably successful in that game, some syndicate started persecuting me: it was fun at first, but I just don’t have the energy to repair the damage they do to me 24/7).

It’s run by a group of admins, balanced between Young Labour and Young Nats.

I’m gonna play. You should, too.

Sounds fun. I will register once I get the time.

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