Putting country ahead of party

Readers will have seen the reports that the has lifted the ban on full intelligence sharing with New Zealand. The ban on joint exercises is almost all but gone. After almost 25 long years, the relationship is almost restored.

The praise for this should go not just to the current Government, but Opposition Leader and Trade Spokesperson who have been with McCully and Groser in Washington DC.

Despite the politics before the last election, I understand that the Opposition and Government have been posing a united front, and have made clear that no matter what happens in future elections, NZ will not be amending its law. The Opposition did not suggest it will be gone by lunchtime, but that it has bi-partisan support and is a reality, so it should no longer be a barrier to the relationship.

This, combined with Obama’s own rhetoric about ridding the world of nuclear weapons, has led to a significant warming of relations on the military and intelligence fronts.

So praise, where praise is due. Congrats to Goff and Street for putting the country ahead of their party, and helping enable the Government and US Government to move closer together.

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