$100 a marcher

The Herald reports:

Between 4000 and 5000 people marched through central Auckland this afternoon, urging the Government to act on referenda.

That can only be called a very disappointing turnout for the organisers, considering the target was 50,000 and the amount spent was $300,000 to $450,000 on promoting it.

Maybe they would have done better if they had followed the Manners Mall campaigners and just hired students through Student Job Search 🙂

Protesters also waved placards aimed at the Prime Minister, some reading “JK listen to me” and “JFK, John Fuhrer Key”.

Rather early to be comparing John to Hitler I would say.

Other slogans included “Brian smacks his 700 sons” and “Hit me baby one more time”.

Heh now that is funny.

Singer Yulia said her childhood under a totalitarian regime in Russia made her appreciate the freedom a democracy offered.

“I love democracy and I want it to stay,” she said.

I don’t think there are plans to abolish it until after the Reichstag gets burnt down!

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