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  1. Jenna Raeburn blogs her submission to the Law Commission’s alcohol law review. I like her opening point “We would add to this that “getting drunk” is not harmful in and of itself, and is almost always a positive experience for young people.”
  2. Eric Crampton also blogs his submission with Matt Burgess, focusing on the economic issues.
  3. The Dim-Post has a hilarious interveiw with John Key.
  4. Clare Curran talks about how the Internet is changing the world.
  5. Whale Oil has audit reports and spending details for Te Reo Marama – a Maori anti-smoking group. The audit details are to come, but the travel details alone are staggering. Journalists should be asking questions.
  6. Cactus Kate is campaigning for Lisa Lewis to be on The Apprentice.
  7. Infometrics blog on the benefits of bilateral FTAs
  8. Russel Brown praises John Key saying “the sometimes inarticulate and politically unworldly Leader of the Opposition has offered real management talent now that he’s actually in charge.”

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