Blog Bits

Just three quick ones:

  1. Grant Robertson blogs that State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie has told the Dept of Labour they were wrong to advise staff not to take part in a rally on pay equity. This is why Rennie is so well respected – he is not scared to get offside with Ministers. A pity he wasn’t Commissioner when Labour were getting Madeline Setchell sacked over her boyfriend’s job, and smearing Erin Leigh for resisting a political appointment.  I’m still waiting for Grant to show the same energy in deploring those events.
  2. The Standard blogs on a petition to Parliament to “make public displays of nudity and profanity illegal in our nation”. Fuck that I say. The only place profanity and nudity should be banned is in the Debating Chamber 🙂
  3. Eric Crampton fisks Alcohol Action NZ.

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