Peter Gibbons asks the questions which ask the questions

Given we guest bloggers were bought back to help provide content when Mr Farrar was on holiday, has anyone noticed a reduction in his blogging frequency?

If Inga is really thinking about becoming a National MP, has he remembered to join the National Party?  (A surprising number of prospective National MPs leave this crucial step quite late…)

Given the University of Auckland “will not tolerate cheating” and that plagiarism is explicitly listed on their website as the main type of cheating, what action will it take in relation to a staff member who has admitted not acknowledging a number of passages in a new book?

Was Thierry Henry’s blatant handball even worse than Diego Maradona’s infamous ‘Hand of God’?

What do Sir Bob Jones and Hon Rodney Hide talk about when they meet at night in Jones’ office on Waring Taylor Street?

Is Shoaib Akhtar the first cricketer ever to miss cricket series’ because of genital warts and liposuction?

How can Will Ferrell, the man who bought us the genius of “More Cowbell”, now be (deservedly) ranked Hollywood’s most over-paid star?

Todd McLay’s members’ bill about Easter Trading Hours should sort this issue out once and for all, right?

Have you really invented a new chant about Rory Fallon being big and bad and better than his dad when you’ve just changed the name in the chant the Barmy Army have been singing at Stuart Broad for two years?

Has Tau Henare really bought a scooter or is Craig Foss fomenting his own happy mischief?

If Australia needs a cricket coach, why wouldn’t we?

How long can Roarprawn possibly hold to her pledge not to blog about Ngai Tahu politics?

Will the Libertarianz ever take Oswald’s advice to ‘softly, softly catchy monkey’?