Rodney’s week of hell

There’s an old saying – when it rains, it pours. will will it has poured all week. The SST sums up the week:

Hide is under assault on all fronts – voters, the media and now his government colleagues – after one of his worst weeks in politics.

Hide’s horror seven days has been entirely self-inflicted. First he was publicly exposed as a hypocrite for taking advantage of a perk he once campaigned strongly to abolish: taking his girlfriend, Louise Crome, on a round-the-world trip, visiting London, Toronto, Portland and Los Angeles. He defended it on the grounds that he did not spend as much time as he would like with Crome and that he had to work with the system, even though he disagreed with it.

They cover the jibe about Key, the Hawaii trip etc etc.

Rodney will be kicking himself. There can be little doubt there has been damage to both Rodney’s brand and ’s brand.

But when you fuck up, there’s only one response. Learn from the fuck up, buckle down, and get back to work.

I think the National-led Government is all the stronger for the inclusion of both ACT and the Maori Party, despite the tensions that arise from varied personalities, policies and priorities.

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