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  1. Paul Walker analyses the economics of Boxing Day sales. His conclusion is they are a way to get customers to reveal their price sensitivity.
  2. Brian Edwards blogs that he does not believe in free will and that everyone is a product of their genetics and environment. I disagree entirely and there there are countless examples of people with appalling genetics and environments doing well, and also of people with superb genetics and environments doing very bad things.
  3. Gooner at No Minister has been reading letters to the editor and highlights the Labour party activist who blames John Key for a possible reduction in screening hours for Coronation Street. Wow you almost have to feel sorry for them, when that is what they are reduced to.
  4. Whale Oil has created a Wiki page for his defence, where lawerly people can contribute ideas for his defence against the breach of name suppression charges.
  5. Lindsay Mitchell highlights hows a Southland foodbank co-ordinator is blaming the increased demand for assistance on the new National Government, despite National maintaining benefits and cost of living adjustments. Maybe he thinks the recession was caused by National?
  6. No Right Turn wants to Mondayize Waitangi Day and ANZAC Day. I tend to agree.
  7. Chris Hipkins notes this is the end of the first decade of the millennium (pedants go away), and that we have gone from Clinton to Obama, terrorism at the start of the decade was associated more with Northern Ireland, and you needed a dozen currencies to travel through Europe.

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