Cactus Kate on 2025

Heh. Cactus Kate calls Brash a wimp, and outlines her own policy agenda for increasing national incomes. Her proposals:

  • Restrict welfare to those unable to work due to disability
  • Sell all state houses in prime real estate areas, and buy new houses far away from the CBD on the basis most state house tenants don’t need to be close to the CBD as they don’t work
  • Abolish DPB and levy fathers directly for child support (unless unsafe). If mother under 25, means test on her parents income.
  • A flat tax rate of 10%
  • Have no tax at all for new companies employing at least ten people for their first two years
  • Raise GST to 15%
  • Abolish minimum wage and allow mass immigration of Filipinos to do low income domestic jobs, freeing New Zealand women up to engage in higher income jobs and/or leisure
  • Abolish public superannuation
  • Prioritise healthcare so those who smoke, drink excessively or are obese  got treated last
  • Abolish ACC for a fault based system
  • Surcharges for GP visits
  • Full fees for university courses with scholarships for top performers
  • No CGT, but a land tax and stamp duty

That should generate some debate!

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