Despicable scum

The SST reports:

An HIV-positive man injected his wife with his own blood while she slept, infecting her with the virus that causes Aids.

It is believed the man wanted to give her the disease so she would start having sex with him again. She told police he also hoped it would prevent her from finding another man and leaving him.

That is probably the most selfish act I have come across for years. Sickening.

The man has been remanded in prison awaiting sentence for wilfully infecting another with a disease, an offence that carries a maximum 14 years’ imprisonment.

I know one can live for years with HIV, but I still think his actions come close to homicide, and a life sentence should be an available penalty.

In court documents, the woman, 33, described how her husband twice pricked her with a sewing needle laced with his infected blood as she slept and how she once caught him handling a syringe full of his blood.

It is bad enough to have unprotected sex with someone, if you are HIV+. But at least that is a lottery. To actually prick or inject someone with your infected blood, is just unforgivable and incomprehensible.

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