Goff says axe 2025 taskforce

The Herald reports:

The 2025 Taskforce set up to find ways to catch up with Australia’s economic growth should be scrapped, Labour Leader Phil Goff says.

Mr Goff said today it had a budget of $447,000 over three years and had so far cost $150,000.

“The taskforce’s first report was a complete and utter waste of money,” he said.

“Why give your mates $447,000 to cook up something you say you’re not going to do … dump this soapbox for ACT and Dr Brash and save the taxpayer the unspent $330,000.”

This is a classic case of thinking tactically, not strategically. The last thing Labour should want is the taskforce wound up. Why?

It will exist for three years, issuing further reports and monitoring the Government’s progress.

If the Government does not act on any of the taskforce’s recommendations, then you are going to have this taskforce, headed up by National’s former leader, issuing damning reports about how the Government is failing to close the gap with Australia.

Goff shouldn’t be demanding the taskforce be closed down. If he was smart, he’d be offering to pay its bills himself.  He really needs to start thinking strategically.

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