ACT Board Survey

ACT on Campus had a great idea – they surveyed the candidates for the ACT Board on various issues.

The full responses from the candidates is here as a 39 page pdf.

They have also done a summary of the responses here. They asked questions on:

  1. Role of the Board
  2. What ACT is most lacking
  3. Should Board or members determine final list
  4. Who from history you would most want to meet
  5. Which two laws you most want to repeal
  6. MMP vs FPP
  7. Should NZ become a republic
  8. Views on Wanganui gang patch laws
  9. What is your conception of equality
  10. Penal policy
  11. Death penalty support
  12. Alcohol purchase age and sale restrictions
  13. Drugs policy
  14. Internet censorship views
  15. Prostitution legalisation
  16. Student loans policy
  17. Main three policies ACT should campaign on

If I was an ACT member, I would find the survey results invaluable in helping me decide who I want to run my party.

Maybe the Young Nationals could do the same for the next National Board elections?

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