Fine the rich pricks more

Labour MP Darien Fenton is “intrigued by the idea of fining people who break the law according to their wealth” and hopes Steven Joyce will consider this in his road safety review.

I look forward to Labour revealing more of its thinking for its 2011 election manifesto. What other proposals might we get:

  • Longer jail terms for rich pricks
  • All Govt owned companies (such as power) to introduce a rick prick tariff where you pay more if you earn more.
  • Primary and secondary schools to be able to charge compulsory fees to children of rich pricks
  • A&E Departments to refuse treatment to rich pricks unless they sign a statement showing their net wealth and hand over a credit card for 5% of it
  • Supermarkets to have two prices for every item – one price for those earning under $60,000 and another for those earning over $60,000

What other policy ideas for Labour in this vein can you think of?

UPDATE: Darien is not alone. Senior Labour MP Lianne Dalziel backs her. Lianne has already advocated fining the rich more in a letter last year to Steven Joyce, and thinks they should do more policy work on it.

Please, please do that policy work.

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