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Trevor’s post at Red Alert are just getting more bizarre. And I say this as someone who said many times last year Trevor was an excellent blogger. Something has happened over summer.

Trevor’s latest missive is to call John Key racist for criticising Hone Harawira!

So why has John Key been so aggressive in his criticism of Hone?

Hone is a sometimes an easy target. He puts his head up and I’ve certainly had a go at him when it is appropriate.

But contrast this question of a perceived (but not actual) conflict of interest of a member of Hone’s family with the decade of the English whanau ripping the taxpayer off by pretending to live in Dipton. And Wiremu was found to have an interest. And it is continuing.

So is Key kicking Hone because he is Maori and if not what is his explanation for his hypocrisy?

First of all Trevor is lying about Bill. No less than the Auditor-General, Jonathan Hunt, Margaret Wilson and Lockwood Smith have all ruled Bill has been eligible for the Wellington accommodation supplement.

But even putting that falsehood aside (and teh stupidity of trying to compare an issue about a flag with housing allownaces), it is pitiful to suggest that John Key is racist because he criticised Hone Harawira.

Calling the Prime Minister a racist is not an accusation an MP should make lightly. I wonder if Phil Goff would agree with Trevor that Key is a racist for criticising Hone? Maybe someone could ask Phil in front of Hone as he welcomes him onto Waitangi.

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