It is a pity the three strikes law will not be retrospective

The HoS reports:

The country’s youngest convicted killer is the subject of a new police complaint, accused of indecently assaulting two female journalists.

He is fresh from a one-month prison sentence after admitting wilfully damaging a television camera – the latest in a string of offences including assault.

Bailey Junior Kurariki was released from prison in May 2008 after being convicted of the manslaughter of pizza delivery man Michael Choy in 2002.

He was set strict conditions by the Parole Board after being released four months early, but police and the Department of Corrections have not been able to stop his repeated offending.

The new indecent assault claims follow a visit by two female Herald on Sunday journalists to Bailey Junior Kurariki’s Auckland home on Thursday.

The employees, who the newspaper has chosen not to name, said the 20-year-old behaved in an erratic and distressing manner during the interview.

Statements record Kurariki exposed himself to the women, masturbated in front of them and groped them before they could escape the house.

In hindsight it is a pity he was only convicted of manslaughter, not murder, as a life sentence would mean his parole can be revoked at any time.

I guess we are just going to have to wait until he has killed, raped or bashed enough people, to lock him up for good.

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