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  1. Paul Buchanan blogs on the acquittal of the Waihopai Three.
  2. No Right Turn supports my suggestion of having all Cabinet papers automatically placed on the Internet, and further suggests model publication schemes and disclosure registers for government agencies. Sounds good to me.
  3. Keeping Stock reveals that the Whanganui Chronicle did know “parent” Stephanie Mills was the NZEI Communications Director but did not think it was important to tell readers this!
  4. ACT analyser Geoffrey Miller blogs at Liberation on the tensions within ACT.
  5. Claire Browning blogs at Pundit on the Greens and Environment Canterbury, and their conspiracy theories.
  6. Iain Dale blogs on how the UK UNITE union actually pays the salary of a 10 Downing Street staff member. Will the EPMU demand the same when Labour get back into office in NZ?
  7. Not PC welcomes the jury nullification in the Waihopai trial as a just check on Government.

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