NBR on bureaucrats

NBR has a “The good, the bad and the ugly – NBR 24/7’s plays of the week”, It is behind the firewall and always a good and often amusing read.

I am sure they don’t midn me sharing one small extract from it:

The good

Bureaucrats are getting fired (slowly)

If you want to know whether a government policy is a good idea or not you usually just need to listen to the reaction of the Public Service Association and take the opposite view.

This week the PSA, along with the union’s Labour allies, was bleating about comparatively minor ($25 million) restructuring at the Ministry of Education as part of a wider plan that includes possibly merging some ministries.

Voicing vociferous opposition to any pen-pushers being shown the door they said (as if it was some kind of tragedy) that about 2000 public sector workers had lost their jobs since National got elected.

This was quite possibly the best news of the week: National has seemingly managed to sack 2000 bureaucrats without anyone (except Labour and the PSA) noticing.

NBR goes on to explain the difference between jobs that create wealth and those that use it up.

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