2010 MPs Register of Pecuniary Interests

The Register is here. Some of the interesting parts:

  • Jim Anderton still has his shares in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. He forces taxpayers to fund Kiwibank while he invests in the evil Australian
  • Jacnda Ardern had trips to Hungary, and Argentina as part of her role as President of the International Union of Socialist Youth
  • David Bennett got free tickets to the Tua vs Cameron fight – lucky bastard.
  • Cam Calder is a share holder in Vibration Technology International Limited – guessing this is not an offshoot of DVice?
  • Ashraf Choudary part owns 21 acres in Pakistan
  • Paul Hutchison has shares in South Pacific Star Cinemas Limited
  • 's gifts range from to Top Gear tickets to glass urns with gold embossing
  • had presents from the Vietnamese Communist Party and the People's Liberation Army
  • has an interest in the Timelord Trust – is she from Galifrey?
  • Pansy Wong has shares in the Gondola

UPDATE: I missed that TVNZ paid for Darren Hughes to fly to the USA for the Breakfast show. An unusual decision!

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