Another life saved by a taser

The Press reports:

Canterbury police have used a Taser for the first time, firing at a knife-wielding man who wanted the officers to shoot him.

Laurence William Berry, 28, pleaded guilty in the Christchurch District Court yesterday to a charge of possession of an offensive weapon.

The police summary of facts said that when police arrived at a central Christchurch property last Wednesday, Berry was holding a butcher’s knife with a 40-centimetre blade.

He walked from the Armagh St property on to the road toward police, holding the knife.

Despite police warnings to drop the knife, he refused and was Tasered.

In explanation, Berry said that he was hoping the police would turn up with guns and shoot him, the summary said.

If the Greens got their way and had the Taser banned, that man would now probably be dead.

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