Caption Contest

Red Alert claims this is them celebrating their first birthday, but I am sure we can come up with better captions for the. As always funny not nasty.

Congrats to Labour for their first birthday. I think it has been a great initiative, and have enjoyed interacting with Labour MPs there. I check it out almost every day. By comparison I check out the National MPs combined blog site around once a month, if that. I can only handle reading so many posts about the opening some local school hall without wanting to blow my brains out.

Red Alert has had some decent stats also:

Today we are One. So we thought we’d celebrate.1902 posts, 35,116 comments. 35 out of 43 Labour MPs have posted on Red Alert. Some more than others. Trevor Mallard still wins the prize for the most posts (550). Followed by me (212) Grant (198) Phil Twyford (156) and Chris Hipkins (136) …

We average about 30,000 page views a week
More than a million page views
465,000+ viewers

I could point out I have managed to blog more by myself than 35 MPs combined (and it is their job, not a hobby like for me) but that would be churlish :-). I am sincere when I say that overall I think Labour have done very well with their parliamentary blog, and I hope they continue with it, even when they make Government again one day.