Name Changes

The Press reports:

Some Christchurch men are taking more than a wife when they say “I do”.

Traditionally, brides have accepted their husband’s name when they tie the knot. However, in Christchurch some men are taking their wife’s surname.

Dale Brooking recently became Dale Paterson when he married Lisa Paterson.

I am not a traditionalist when it comes to most aspects of relationships.

Absolutely delighted if my partner earns more than me. If kids ever eventuate, then my expectation would be we both go part-time to share caring duties.

Would be absolutely relaxed about whether or not a future wife keeps her own surname.

But would I ever give up my own surname? Nope. Unthinkable. Maybe if I was a Smith or a Brown I might think differently.

Hyphenation is a possibility, but Farrar is not a name that lends itself to that.

Maybe it is just amongst my circle of friends, but I would say 80% of the women I know have kept their “maiden” names once they are married. Once it was very rare, but now it is very common.

Most of them though go with the bloke’s name for the kids.

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