Quiz Questions – National Party round

Had lots of fun last night running a quiz night at the Central North Island National Party conference. Was quite a challenge with 26 teams competing.

For those who like to show off their knowledge, here are the ten questions that I used for the National Party round. We also had a photos round, a New Zealand round, a sports round and a Parliament round.

  1. How many seats does National currently have in Parliament?
  2. Which current and former National MP have both been married to the same person?
  3. In what year was National founded?
  4. Which National MP’s religion is Muslim?
  5. Which two National MPs were voted sexiest in a poll by Durex?
  6. What year was it when National ran the Dancing Cossacks advertisement against Labour?
  7. How many National Party Presidents are still alive?
  8. In ten words or less, explain how Whanau Ora works.
  9. CNI is the only Region which has National every single seat. Has this ever happened before, and if so when?
  10. Who is the Minister of Women’s Affairs?

Half of them are pretty easy, That is deliberate. Quiz nights are about having fun, so my policy is each team should always be able to get at least half right easily. A few are more challenging.

Post your answers in comments if you want. Using Wikipedia or Google is cheating!

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