So what were they marching against?

The turnout for the anti-mining march was impressive, and is one of the largest held in Auckland. I wonder how many knew what they were marching against or for.

Central Auckland was brought to a standstill as a coalition of politicians, celebrities, environmentalists and the public demanded National halt proposals to mine Department of Conservation areas.

Do they mean all DOC areas? Where were they when Labour approved over 100 permits for mining on DOC lands?

She was particularly concerned about the effects of coal-mining: “To take carbon out of the ground and burn it, when we know about climate change, is immoral.”

I’m not sure coal features strongly in any of the Section 4 land proposed for reclassification.

Labour Leader Phil Goff, accompanied by eight caucus members, said the size of the protest indicated the strength of public feeling on the issue: “They don’t want pristine areas desecrated by international mining companies,” he said.

Does Goff not consider all DOC land to be pristine? And does he think it is okay if it is a local mining company?

Meanwhile, Roxanne, a graphic designer who refused to give her last name, carried a placard featuring John Key with a Hitler-esque moustache and a single word in gothic script: “Mein!”

Oh, so witty. If I was Roxanne, I wouldn’t give out my last name either.

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