The Robin Bain did not do it documentary

Like many, I watched the documentary on the Bain case last night, which took a view that it was impossible for Robin Bain to have killed his family and himself.

For those who have followed the case closely, little in the documentary was of surprise. I have always thought it incredibly improbable that Robin Bain did it.

Murder trials are not about balance of probabilities, but about beyond reasonable doubt. If the Bain compensation case goes ahead, then we will hear from an investigating QC whom, on balance of probabilities, was the killer.

The documentary had new evidence about whether someone who claimed to sell Robin Bain a photocopier, actually did so. I didn’t regard this as being a huge issue, and the Herald story has further on this.

The forensic evidence, especially the lack of blood on Robin, is what I consider the most persuasive.

As I said, the report from an investigating QC may prove to be the final word on this case, which has always had some people arguing that Robin was or was not the killer.

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