Roy v Hide

The Herald reports:

Relations between former Act deputy Heather Roy and leader Rodney Hide had become so bad that she complained to Ministerial Services that he breached security when he took a piece of paper relating to her defence portfolio from her office.

What the hell was Heather thinking, if this story is true. If you have an issue with something your party leader has done, you talk to them about it – you have to be mad to complain to Ministerial Services about your leader and think you can possibly maintain a working relationship.

Also worth reading is John Armstrong’s column, where to put it mildly John is unimpressed that ACT won’t say why Roy got sacked. An extract:

The press conference held at Parliament early this afternoon featuring Act leader Rodney Hide, the party’s new deputy leader, John Boscawen, and party president Michael Crozier was little short of a disgrace. …

Act is the one party which bases its sales pitch on the notion of accountability. Not a skerrick of that concept was apparent during the 20 minutes or so that Rodney Hide and then Boscawen repeatedly refused to utter one word which might have added up to an explanation as to why Heather Roy had been dumped as the party’s deputy.

If the reasons is simply that the relationship with the Leader was too strained to be effective, then they should be upfront on that.

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