A further inquiry re Wilce is needed

The Herald reports on the latest revelations from 60 minutes about Stephen Wilce:

Disgraced former Defence Force top scientist Stephen Wilce ignored concerns about military projects which led to at least one cost blow-out of $100 million, it was alleged last night.

Scientist Iain MacKenzie, who worked with Mr Wilce at the Defence Technology Agency, told TV3’s 60 Minutes programme that he quit after his concerns about several top-priority projects were ignored.

The main focus is on how he got hired. I agree this is a concern, and we need to find out how it happened.

But equally disturbing to me, is that the Defence Force kept him on – in the fact of criticism both internally and externally. Critics said he was clearly not up to the job.

So I want an additional inquiry – into his bosses, and why they never listened to the complaints, and most of all why they never noticed he was not up to the job. Unless they really want to argue any old unqualified person can head up their technology agency.

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