Anderton finally does the right thing

Stuff reports:

Christchurch mayoral candidate Jim Anderton will resign his Wigram seat if he wins next month’s election.

Anderton has just announced his new position at a press conference in Christchurch this afternoon.

Anderton has previously insisted he would stay on as an MP if elected Mayor. But he has come under pressure to change his position since the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that devastated the region last Saturday.

“The events of the last nine days have changed circumstances dramatically,” Anderton said.

I would say it exposes how flawed his original decision was.

I hope he does not change his mind after the election – if he wins. Maybe he should resign now, so there can be no doubt!

Anyway it is good that people in Christchurch can vote for whom they want as Mayor, knowing they will get someone who will be  a full time Mayor. The election should be about whether Parker or Anderton will be the better Mayor, not about whether Anderton would cling on to his parliamentary job also.

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