The Stephen Wilce CV

TV3 have done a great job with their expose of a top defence official’s fake CV. The claims made on there should have been simple to verify, and it is disturbing that this was not done.

I think the government should consider appointing an independent person to inquire into how this happened.

Meanwhile Twitter has had fun, with the #defenceforcejobinterview tag providing:

  • I raced against Usain Bolt in the 2008 Beijing Olympics; finished in the top 6, but he got all of the attention
  • I convinced Tolkien to become a writer
  • You’ve never seen one of course,but my face is in fact on the Medals at the olympics in recognition my successes
  • Well, I get a bit upset when people call it “divine” intervention. But hey, that’s life

  • Hairy Maclary was actually Lynley’s ‘special’ name for me in bed
  • Well I made up sign language! Helen Keller just happened to be there at the time!
  • So I said to Winston C, “Why not attack them on the beaches?
  • It was gonna be Oceans 3, but I said, Why not ask George, Brad, Matt, if they have any mates they wanna bring…

  • I was there when Māui fished up the North Island… I was the one who suggested he use his granny’s jawbone hook!

  • If you look at the footage of the ’87 RWC victory, I’m the guy in the red jacket behind David Kirk.
  • Richard actually based Rocky Horror on a Hamilton Boy’s College after ball party we had
  • “It was just an offhand remark, but I said what if you made it TWO all beef patties, Special sauce…. “
  • I did some PR consulting work for Shakespeare a few years back. Before then, they spelled bard with a small b.

  • I told him, that jarjarbinks character was gunna ruin the movie, but would he listen ?

  • Well love, as there’s still cancer I’ll admit that I’ve got at least one weakness