1. Go to watch my favourite programmes and find that the MySky decoder has had a record failure for the last day.
  2. Reboot the decoder, and then it comes up with updating listings and freezes there
  3. Reboot again and comes up with atmospheric conditions are interfering
  4. Ring Sky
  5. Sky tell me to reboot decoder – despite having already done it. No change
  6. They then say that perhaps the frequency the decoder is on is wrong and give me the code to change it. Do so but no fix.
  7. They then say they will send a technician out
  8. The next day they call to say that there have been several calls from our apartment block so probably a fault with our building aerial.
  9. Local company checks it out, and finds the power supply to the aerial has died. replaces it.
  10. Everyone else in building gets Sky back but me.
  11. Am stuck between sky saying it was a building fault and the body corporate saying it has now been fixed. Now been four days with no TV or Sky. Try rebooting decoder several more times.
  12. Finally decide will have to pay out of own pocket for a technician and ring one up. He confirms that there is no fault at the building end.
  13. I prepare to ring Sky again, but luckily mention to him that their previous advice had been to change the frequency. He rants about how they are morons and they should never ever advice customers to do that – there is one setting for commercial premises and one for residential and should never swap them.
  14. Luckily he knows the code to change the frequency (or whatever its technical name was) and yes hey presto after four days I have television again.

The moral of the story is the next time Sky stops working, do not ring Sky for help!

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