Sikhs speak out

A fascinating story by Michael Field at Stuff:

“We, the leaders of main Sikh organisations of New Zealand, have discussed the issue of voter fraud in Papatoetoe in detail,” the statement said.

“We express grave concern at the finger of suspicion pointing towards a group of individuals belonging to the Sikh community of New Zealand.”

He said the people under investigation for alleged voter fraud had earlier “hijacked” the New Zealand Sikh Society.

This sounds like a very interesting story to be told.

“Our community has a history in New Zealand going back to at least 1890 and have always worked hard and honestly,” Mr Singh said.

“It will be an understatement that the community has been increasingly fearful of this group under investigation as they have not only been entrenching themselves in government departments but also criminalising members of our community through duping them into making false declarations in immigration applications.”

I do feel very sorry for the wider Sikh community, because many will judge them negatively based on the alleged criminal actions of a few.

Mr Singh said they had complained to Members of Parliament, cabinet ministers and government departments over the group.

“Each time the community’s complaints were given superficial treatment.”

Could that be because those being complained about are involved in a political party, and have political protection like Bill Liu and Taito Field did?

The wider Sikh community was grateful the police were now investigating the alleged voter fraud and he called on government agencies to widen their investigations.

“On our part, we commit to providing these agencies every help we can just as we have done and are doing with the police in their investigation of voter fraud.”

If there are wider allegations of criminal behaviour, then they should also be investigated.

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