More Wikileaks

This week it is the Herald on Sunday thatembass has the stories. Note, that these are the views of US embassy staff, and are not generally first hand accounts of meetings.

  1. This story is about how the US was poised to mend the rift with NZ in 2005, but Trevor Mallard's slander about how the National Party was having its written in Washington DC pissed them off so much it almost caused a rift.
  2. This story is about how John told the Premier that he would not be meeting with the Dalai Llama. This is not exactly news, but still disappointing – I commented previously here.
  3. An index of cables is here. Lots of them
  4. This cable is called “the sleaze hits the fan” and is about Labour's lies. Interesting they say “Goff agreed that a line had been crossed”.
  5. This one is quite big – reveals that the NSA has an officer in attached to the Embassy but actually has an office in the GCSB.
  6. An interesting profile of Jenny Shipley when she became PM
  7. This cable notes relations between George W Bush and Helen Clark: “We further note that PM Clark is apparently much more willing to highlight her excellent relations with President Bush when speaking to an Australian audience than to domestic Kiwi audiences.”

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