Key rules out Winston again

The Dom Post reports:

He also said he would rule out a coalition with Winston Peters and NZ First. He said there was no place for Peters in a National-led government.

Yay, yay, yay. It is indeed preferable to go into Opposition than try to run a Government with Winston in it. Key has explicitly said that if Winston holds the balance of power, then Phil Goff will be Prime Minister.

Labour sacrificed their integrity defending Peters in 2008. It was obvious Peters lied time and time again over his knowledge of the Glenn donation. The phone records leave no reasonable doubt. But Labour defended his lies, and both in 2008 and again in 2011 will give him anything he asks for, in a grasp for power.

I was incredibly proud of John Key when he ruled Peters out in 2008, and again today I’m thrilled he has done so.

A key message for this year will be that a vote for Winston is a vote for Labour and Goff, and that a vote for Labour is a vote for Peters to be back in Government (if they make 5%).

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