MPs and Social Media

The Parliamentary Library have done an interesting paper on MPs use of social media. Some stats:

  • 92/121 MPs are on Facebook
  • National MPs are the MPs least likely to be on Facebook (only 60% or so are)
  • 86% of female MPs are on Facebook and only 75% of male MPs
  • John Key has 50,081 “fans” and Phil Goff has 2,334 “fans”
  • 43% of MPs are on Twitter
  • Top tweeters are Tau Henare on 3,087 and Clare Curran on 3,083
  • John Key has 15,368 followers on Twitter and Phil Goff 2,397
  • On You Tube National has had 436,522 video views, Greens 122,887 and Labour 21,530

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