The new Sunday Star Times

 Sunday Star Times New Property Section

On Sunday 20 Feb, the Sunday Star-Times will re-launch itself. This is rumoured to be in response to falling ratings.

The pdf above tells us that they will have an eight page tabloid property section.

Their news count has been under half that of the Herald on Sunday, so the rumour is their news section will go to 18 pages. Patrick Gower has tweeted stuff he has heard such as a big Anthony Hubbard column on page of A section; Richard Boock on back of sport, Megan Nicol-Reed on back of Focus, and Rod Oram on the back of a tabloid business section. Also Jon Hartevelt as new political columnist, working from the Fairfax Parliamentary hub.

There is also talk most other columnists except Michael Laws have been dropped.

We’ll find out in six days.

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