A useful article

Audrey Young has done an article in the Herald, which includes this graphic above. You can click on it for a slightly larger version. We learn how similiar the positions of the six parties plus to a degree even Hone is. Here’s the summary:

  1. Repeal Labour’s 2004 Act – all 7 parties support
  2. Allow Iwi to claim customary title through the courts – 6 parties support. Hone’s stance is court not necessary as Maori already have customary title to 100% of coastline
  3. That the proposed test for customary title should be continous use and occupation since 1840 – National and UFNZ support. Maori Party say it should be easier and Hone says there should be no test. Labour, ACT & Greens say leave it to the courts to set the test
  4. Allow for negotiated settlements with Iwi, and ratified by Parliament – National, UFNZ, Maori, Greens and Labour all yes but Labour wants a court to ratify. ACT against and Hone says Maori own it all anyway
  5. A ban of selling customary title – all seven parties support
  6. Guaranteed public access to areas under customary title – all seven parties support
  7. Any change to the 12,500 private titles to the foreshore which have been purchased – no change from National, Maori, UFNZ, Laboru & ACT. Greens want private title to also be unable to be sold and guaranteed public access. Hone says it should all be put in Maori title.

I found this very helpful, because it shows that the areas of dispute are not in fact large – primarily just about what the tests should be, and whether the courts should be further involved.