One quake upside

Ian Steward at The Press reports:

An influx of earthquake relief workers has made Christchurch’s disaster a bonanza for the city’s prostitutes.

Manchester St sex worker Candice, 24, said she has been run off her feet servicing search and rescue staff, builders, and even two New South Wales police officers.

“They took pictures with me to show the boys back home. They were in uniform but they took off their orange singlets because they said it ruined the picture.”

Normally I’d be suspicious of claims of Police frequeting prostitutes, but as they are NSW Police I really wouldn’t rule it out!

Candice said she had made an average of $700 a night since returning two nights after the February 22 quake.

On her best night she had made $1400, charging $100 for sex or $120 for 30 minutes of “everything”.

$700 a night is pretty decent money if she is on the street as that probably indicates she keeps what she earns. If she works six nights a week that is $4,200 a week or $200,000 a year.

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