The Left on Goff

Phil Goff is still maintaining that not only did he handle the Hughes situation correctly, not a single one of his colleagues have criticised him. Well, they are not technically colleagues, but lets have a look at what the left are saying.

  1. Tim Watkin says that Goff’s line about not intereing with a Police investigation is “spin” and that Goff had no plan for how to respond
  2. Russell Brown flays Goff and says they are a “shambles”
  3. Bomber at Tumeke says that if Labour are not questioning the leadership of Phil Goff, then they “are officially the most stoned Caucus in the history of the Westminster system”
  4. Chris Trotter blogged that it is the moral duty of the Labour caucus to remove Goff if they don’t think he can lead them to victory
  5. Matt McCarten says Goff’s performancee has been appalling
  6. Lew at Kiwipolitico says that anyone who failed to understand the politics (like Goff did) of what happened “has no business running strategy for a Sunday book club, much less a political party which aspires to government”
  7. Danyl at the Dim Post also rubbishes Goff’s claims of natural justice coming first, citing numerous examples to the contrary, and in another post says “in the UK they have a competent opposition party, while [Labour] are Really. Fucking. Terrible.”
  8. Idiot/Savant at No Right Turns blogs that Goff has “established a consistent pattern of poor decision-making”
  9. Robert Winter says “The onus is on our parliamentary caucus to provide us with that national leadership that we deserve.”
  10. Psycho Milt (who is left) at No Minister says ” there should be wholesale ritual suicide in the Labour ranks”

This is essentially what Labour’s friends are saying about Labour’s leader, not Labour’s opponents.

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