Yes please

Claire Rogers at BusinessDay reports:

Telcos are noncommittal on whether they will follow Canadian provider Rogers Communications in letting customers buy one wireless data plan for all their mobile broadband devices.

That would mean customers would no longer have to buy separate mobile broadband data packs for their smartphones, tablet computers and other gadgets, avoiding having to manage separate plans and potentially saving them money.

Paul Brislen, chief executive of the Telecommunications Users’ Association, said the demand for such a service was gathering momentum.

“We’d be delighted if a provider would offer that. I’d probably switch to it. People are moving on to smartphones and multiple devices and this is one of the things they’re all asking for โ€“ one pack to rule them all.”

Yes please. I’m not that unusual in that I have mobile data for my laptop, Blackberry and iPad. A data plan which grouped them all together would be superb. In fact I’d probably even swap providers for it.

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