Photos from Noumea

Le Roof is a very nice restaurant I went to twice. Great food, and being above ths sea, you can actually see sharks and fish through a hole in the floor, as you eat.

This is the South Pacific Commission HQ where we had our meetings.

And this is the view from the hotel – Ramada Plaza. Has a rotating restaurant on the top floor.

This is inside the meeting room.

One of the recommended things to do in Noumea is visit the aquarium, and it is great value for just NZ$15. The coral on display is amazing,

I liked this little yellow fish. An unusual shape.

One of the tanks there.

Such wonderful colouring.

An exotic creature.

I saw a sea snake identical to this one when I was actually out snorkelling. You do not want to be bitten by one.

This one was my favourite, even though he looks like a Gremlin.

A shark and lots of fish in this tank.

Meet Mr Eel

I had Monday off (there was no return flight until Tuesday) so grabbed a water taxi and went out to this small island. Was 30 degrees or so. Went snorkelling and the reef is so shallow that you are literally swimming through the fish, and can almost touch them.

The island bar.

And the view from the water taxi as we return to the mainland.

Overall was a great experience. It’s a lot cheaper thaan French Polynesia, and some of the beaches are just as nice. It is NZ’s closest neighbour (yes even closer than Australia), and I could well return there in future. AN easy place to go for a short holiday.