Will Sir Roger be the parliamentary leader?

Just heard some speculation that Don Brash may appoint Sir Roger Douglas as his parliamentary leader. I have no idea if it is accurate speculation or not, but let’s look at what logic may lie below it.

If John Boscawen remains Deputy Leader, then Heather Roy may feel resentment that her support of Don hasn’t gained her old job back.

If Don appoints Heather, then Rodney and his supporters may feel this is a slap in the face and go feral.

Appointing Sir Roger could avoid both those scenarios. Plus it reinforces the Brash focus on reducing spending. Finally it also means a seamless transition as presumably Sir Roger will retire at the election, so he leads the parliamentary wing up until the election, and Brash afterwards (if they get re-elected).

As I said, I don’t know how accurate the speculation is – but it doesn’t seem totally implausible.

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