Back in England

Had to head back into England for the stag party. We detoured off the M4 to Bath for lunch. Didn’t have much time to look around, but seemed quite a nice city.

The stag do was very civilised – a black tie affair at one of the private clubs.  Gin and tonics before dinner, wine during dinner and port after dinner. Lots of very funny speeches.

On Saturday headed to the famous Portobello Market in Notting Hill. It is huge, and has different sections ranging from antiques to fruit & veg to new goods to fashion to second hand goods.

We grabbed lunch at the aptly named Duke of Wellington pub, where this photo is from.

The apartment for the weekend was on Tower Bridge Road, and they lifted the bridge for this boat during our stay.

Sunday was the start of the drive up to Scotland. We drove via Cambridge and spent three hours looking around there. This is the Round Church, more formally known as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

In the UK they are very unimaginative with their street names. Almost every castle we went to in Wales was located on Castle Street. This church was on Round Church Road and the parking building was on, yes, Park Street.

This is inside Queens’ College, Cambridge. What a wonderful place to study at.

The River Cam. As you can see there is almost a traffic jam with all the punts. They have touts asking you every 50 metres or so whether you want to punt on the river. They were almost as bad as the touts in Egypt. It would be nice to punt on the river, but only if not crowded.

The famous Mathematical Bridge, at the back of Queens’.

After Cambridge we drove to Darlington, where we stayed the night. There are no photos of Darlington as there was nothing to see!

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