Whale’s response

Labour sent Whale Oil a vaguely threatening letter, as did Greg Presland. Both imply legal action if Whale does not destroy all the information he has.

Whale has responded to Labour General Secretary Chris Flatt. Some extracts:

In response to your let­ter dated 15th of this month, I agree to take the steps you require on the fol­low­ing terms:

  1. You resign immediately.
  2. Trevor Mal­lard resigns as the can­di­date for Hutt South and is replaced by my old mate Dar­ren Hughes who has been treated so shab­bily by the Labour Party.
  3. Dar­ren agrees to only wear Swazi cloth­ing for the next year, and gets his uncle to take me shooting.
  4. Fred Dagg gets his right­ful posi­tion at the top of the Labour Party List. In perpetuity.
  5. Helen Clark becomes Dame Helen in the New Years Hon­ours list.

You can see the full list on Whale’s blog. I wonder how many months Whale can keep this going.

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