A portfolio for Banksie

Unless there is a major upset, John Banks will become the MP for Epsom after the election. Now I don’t think Banksie is coming back to Parliament so he can sit on the cross-benches. It is highly likely that John will want to be a Minister again, especially as he has significant experience as a Minister.

So the question is, what portfolio would John Key give Banksie if they win the election? He could take Police again, but do you want to go back to your exact old job? Plus Judith seems very attached to it.

Thinking about it, the perfect ministerial job for Banksie is to be given Judith Tizard’s old job, and made Minister for Auckland! Wouldn’t that just be delicious.

Could you imagine the cries of horror from Len Brown’s mayoral office when he finds out his new Minister is Banskie 🙂

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