Have a look at this clip from the House today, starting around 7 minutes in.

Chris Tremain points out a Labour MP was yelling “liar” out at Paula Bennett. The Speaker asks if that happened and no one takes responsibility for it. Tremain then says it was .

Lockwood then asks Sepuloni to stand, withdraw and apologise unless she is saying she didn’t say it. She remains seated and the Speaker has to ask her directly did she say it.

She then admits she said it, but doesn’t do withdraw and apologise properly for it. Lockwood instructs here again to do so, and threatens to name her. She then gets up and says she does so “reluctantly”. Lockwood has to again threaten to name her, and finally she apologises looking like a petulant 10 year old.

I think Paula’s majority in Waitakere just got a bit larger!

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