Family First rates the leaders

Family First say:

Family First NZ has released the results of a family issues questionnaire which has been sent to leaders of the main political parties. The results can be viewed on their new website .

“The questionnaire finds out the party leaders’ views on issues ranging from marriage, abortion and income splitting to loan sharks, Easter trading laws, same-sex adoption, and broadcasting standards,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

I always find an election guide by Family First as very useful, but in reverse 🙂

Let’s look at how they rate them:

  1. Colin Craig 90%
  2. Winston Peters 80%
  3. Don Brash 43%
  4. Peter Dunne 37%
  5. Hone Harwira 30%
  6. Russel Norman 25%
  7. Metiria Turei 23%
  8. Tariana Turia 19%
  9. John Key 17%
  10. Pita Sharples 14%
  11. Phil Goff 10%

Interesting that Key and Goff are two of the three at the bottom. Well done guys.

Of the 30 or so issues they rate leaders on, around the only ones I agree with Family First on are decriminalise non-abusive smacking, education parental choice, welfare vouchers where children are at risk and maybe an Independent CYF Complaints Authority.

I disagree on marriage, income splitting, abortion, sex education, surrogacy, stem cell research, same sex adoption, euthanasia, cannabis, brothels, prostitution, broadcasting standards, public nudity, billboards, alcohol purchase age, Easter trading laws, loans sharks, gaming machines and binding CIRs.

We’ve a very diverse lot in the VRWNLLWC!

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