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Trevor Mal­lard is host­ing a Live chat tonight at 7pm.

You can ask your ques­tions & fol­low my answers via the ‘LabourLive tab’ on the New Zealand Labour Party Face­book page or by going here.

It is on from 7pm Wednes­day for about 30min.

Your mis­sion should you choose to accept it is to ask ques­tions, like these suggestions:

  • When you retire, which Labour MP do you think should inherit your seat?
  • Who is a bet­ter leader, Helen Clark or Phil Goff?
  • How do you think the Labour Cam­paign strat­egy is get­ting on?
  • Do you think Paul Quinn’s list posi­tion is indica­tive of the lack of diver­sity in the National Party?
  • Has he ever felt like hit­ting Tau Henare again?
  • What’s more impor­tant; diver­sity or competence?
  • Is 24 years in Par­lia­ment too long?
  • Why do you think social media is more impor­tant than door knocking?
  • Did Chris Carter get a fair trial, or has he been proved right?
  • Was there ever an Amer­i­can bagman?
  • Does you think Shane Jones will make a good Labour leader?
  • What’s it like know­ing you are going to lose the next election?
  • Can he give an uncon­di­tional assur­ance to Hutt South vot­ers that he will go full term if/when Labour loses, or should they vote for Paul Quinn?
  • How many pairs of under­pants has he stolen so far?
  • Which polling com­pany do you trust the most?
  • What does Blue State Dig­i­tal think about your social media strategy?
  • Do you think Win­ston will get back in?
  • Why did Win­ston lie to the select committee?
  • Are you a mem­ber of the gaggle?
  • Is there a mean­ing­ful role for a straight white male in mod­ern Labour?
  • Is Phil Goff a corpse-cuddler, just like Helen was?
  • Will you apol­o­gise to Pansy Wong?
There are a few, I am sure loyal Army mem­bers can come up with a few more to fill in the 30 minutes.
Feel free to suggest your own questions below, or even better to login at 7 pm and ask them live.

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