Goff-s moratorium u-turn

This cartoon by Blunt is very timely as Goff has just done a u-turn and backed away from his previous call for there to be a moratorium on deep sea drilling.

Listen to Goff on Radio Wammo below.

He now says he is not against off shore oil prospecting but there has to be safeguards. Well who the hell would disagree with that? Ironically there were no safeguards around drilling in the EEZ until National and the Greens voted for some last year, and Labour voted against!

Listen to the interview from 3 minutes on as Goff tries to explain why he said he was against a moratorium last week, then announced Labour would have a moratorium and now tries to say that all he is after is some safeguards!

I’m glad Goff has backed down as a moratorium was the worst sort of populist crap, and also would have probably resulted in closing down a number of operations in Taranaki.

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