Some decent policies from other parties

I’m not going to be voting for them, but here’s some policies I like from other parties. A later post will detail the ones I don’t like.

  1. Labour saying they will raise the age of entitlement to Super from 65 to 67
  2. United Future’s policy of making the pension effectively an annuity and you can either take it ealry at 60 for a lesser amount or later at 70 for a greater amount
  3. The Greens policy for small business tax compliance, as recommended by the NZICA. Well worth doing.
  4. Labour’s open government proposals
  5. NZ First’s pledge to repeal the copyright file-sharing law (I suspect they don’t actually understand the issue in detail though as their pledge as listed would take us back to the far far worse Section 92A as passed by Labour which was guilt upon accusation. But I give them marks for good intentions)
  6. ACT’s policy to cap spending at 29% of GDP
  7. Labour’s support of a Capital Gains Tax. Their one is riddled with exemptions, but there is a case for one in the future.
  8. ACT’s policy to remove fee caps for tertiary institutes, and interest rates for student loans
  9. Labour’s policy to have a whole of government approach to open source software
  10. ACT’s performance pay for teachers policy
  11. Labour’s gay adoption policy
  12. Green’s policy on home insulation

I’ve yet to find a Conservative Party policy I like, but to be fair I didn’t look very hard. Maori and Mana policies are not really targeted at me!

Feel free to comment with your own list of policies you like from the minor parties.

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