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No matter who the Labour Party Coven selects to fight Key in 2014 – Mr Likable or Mr Ready Now, the first act of leadership would be for the new Labour Party leader to turn down the convention that see’s the Opposition stand down an MP to allow the Government to elect it’s Speaker.

They could argue that the controversial legislation that National wish to ram through should be scrutinized to the highest level and only an Opposition Speaker could ensure that level of scrutiny.

If Labour refused to pull out an MP, National would be forced to lose their majority if they selected Lockwood meaning the Maori Party would be kingmaker in any legislation meaning Asset Sales couldn’t pass.

Good God, Martyn is 15 years or so out of date. He’s still operating in an FPP world.

Since at least 1996, Parliament has operated without “pairs” and the Speaker has his or her vote cast by their party through a party vote.

Next Martyn will advise Labour to fight this new fangled decimal currency.

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